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why join?

At rPlanet Earth, we believe that our people play a critical role in achieving our vision. That is why we are committed to hiring passionate and talented individuals and providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow.

why join?

At rPlanet Earth, we believe that our people play a critical role in achieving our vision. That’s why we’re committed to providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow beyond their current role. This commitment is driven by our core value –sustainability. We believe that sustainability is all-encompassing. Sustainability drives everything we do. That’s why we believe that engaging and meaningful careers at rPlanet Earth can start at any level in the company. Each job represents an opportunity for you to learn new skills and grow with us to deepen your experience into an extensive resume to build a career that is both challenging and satisfying. 

who are we looking for?

People eager to make a difference…to their families, to their communities, and to future generations; People who are looking to join a culture of commitment to take action for the good of our planet; People who are passionate about our vision of zero plastic waste on our planet earth!

how we're inspiring

a 'culture of commitment'

We will provide comprehensive on-boarding and company orientation programs that will ensure you a smooth entry in rPlanet Earth. You will learn about the vision we have to ensure there is zero plastic waste on our planet earth! We will discuss how the company got started and what inspired the founders. There will be presentations from representatives of the leadership team so you will understand the function and role of all of the different departments. You will be invited to join the conversation and help shape our future. 


There will be learning and information about the machinery and equipment we have installed in this state-of-the-art, high technology manufacturing plant. A lot of emphasis and learning will be focused on learning how to operate the machinery safely and maintain everyone’s health and safety. Everyone will receive the specific skills training they need to be able to perform their jobs at the highest level possible.  

how we're empowering

our employees to grow

Our goal at rPlanet Earth is to provide every employee with the means to learn and grow beyond their current role. The first requirement to satisfy is that you must be super successful in your current role before looking to move on to the next opportunity. Your manager has been trained to coach you to become the best employee you can be. Your manager will want to go beyond the traditional working relationship you have seen before. We would like to see you build a strong and trusted relationship where your manager is equally committed to your success as you are. Working closely with your manager will allow you to identify the skills you need to move into the next role that interests you. Then together, you will develop a training plan that allows you to experience and practice these skills so that moving into this new, more senior role is as smooth and professional as possible. 

a game-changing experience

We want to give our people a first-class experience, unlike any other company they have seen before. We want you to invite your friends to join the team. We want to make sure we have one team, with everyone treated with respect and given the same opportunities to learn and grow.  


We train our managers and supervisors to lead and to lead with heart. We want to see all the passion and energy that you possess directed toward your success and the team’s success. We want to make sure we don’t let any distractions get in the way. 


rPlanet Earth offers all our direct employees the same high-level benefits, training, career development, and opportunity to communicate and contribute to the direction and ideas that shape the strategy we are following.  


Our medical, dental, and vision programs are among the best offered anywhere including other high technology companies. These are highly subsidized programs with the goal that everyone can afford to join the programs and take care of their health and the health of their families. We also offer a 401k retirement savings program, flexible spending plans, life insurance, and disability programs.   


Your compensation will always be competitive in the market and appropriate to the level of the market and the skills and experience you bring to the job. We survey the market regularly and have developed salary ranges that allow us to hire the talent we need to succeed.