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our story

We are committed to our mission of zero plastic waste on our planet earth.
Learn about how we got there and who we want to help shape our future.


rPlanet Earth was co-founded by Bob Daviduk and Joe Ross.  Joe’s background is the design, manufacture, and sale of packaging for food and beverage products and has founded and led several successful companies in this space. Bob’s background is in finance and has worked in leadership positions at highly respected companies including PIMCO, Wells Fargo, and Guggenheim Partners.  


Over the course of his career, Joe realized that too much of the plastic packaging that could be reused to make new plastic was ending up in landfills. Because he and Bob both care deeply about the planet, they decided to do something about this. That is how rPlanet Earth was born.   



Today, rPlanet Earth is a well-capitalized, innovative manufacturer reusing post-consumer plastics as a feedstock to produce the highest quality packaging with the lowest carbon footprint.

Through our disruptive approach, we have built the first of its kind vertically integrated plant in North America.


rPlanet Earth’s first food grade packaging facility is located on 15 acres in Vernon, California. The plant is in the final commissioning phase. We are currently manufacturing and selling our branded EnviroPET Sheet made from 100% post-consumer plastic for various thermoforming applications being sold in to a number of US retail grocery chains. Our goal is to be the global leader in low carbon footprint / recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“rPET”) based packaging and inspire others to join us in achieving our vision. We plan to build several more similar plants across the US to establish the first fully integrated, coast to coast network of packaging manufacturing facilities to reuse post-consumer waste to create high quality rPET products. We are also looking outside the US for opportunities to expand our unique manufacturing platform. 


Members of our senior leadership team come from diverse backgrounds in Technology, New Product Development, Production Efficiency, Business Management, Sales, and Finance. Although their backgrounds may be diverse, they all share a contagious passion and commitment to a vision of zero plastic waste on our planet earth.